What can Liquidium Points be redeemed for?

Currently, Liquidium Points are not redeemable and serve as an indicator of user loyalty. Plans to make them redeemable for blockchain tokens or other benefits are under consideration, subject to Liquidium's discretion and regulatory considerations. U.S. persons will not be eligible to receive any potential token. Liquidium reserves the right to determine any potential redeemability timeline, token issuance, and conversion rates.

Who is eligible to participate in Liquidium Points?

All users can view and accumulate points, but certain groups, like U.S. residents, persons in sanctioned regions, and those under international restrictions, are ineligible for redemption. Eligibility for non-U.S. persons is at Liquidium’s discretion, considering various regulatory aspects. Users are responsible for ensuring compliance with their local laws and regulations, including any tax implications from any potential future token or other benefits.

Which loans are eligible for receiving Liquidium Points?

Points are awarded for loans facilitated on Liquidium since the release of Liquidium V 0.2 (10/1/2023). Loans identified as fraudulent or harmful, such as wash trading, to the Points Program are excluded from point eligibility.

How are Liquidium Points calculated?

Points distribution is as follows:

  • Lenders: Earn 100% of the points upon initiating the loan.

  • Borrowers: Earn 50% of the points at the start of the loan and the remaining 50% upon complete loan repayment.

  • Example: For a loan of 0.1 BTC, the lender earns 10,000 points at initiation. The borrower earns 5,000 points at the start and another 50 upon repayment. If the loan is not repaid, the borrower retains the initial 5,000 points.

Liquidium may amend how Liquidium points are calculated in the future, which will be effective immediately upon publication on the Liquidium website.

How can I monitor my points?

Points are visible in the Portfolio and Account sections.

Can I earn extra points by referring people to Liquidium?

Yes! You are now able to earn Liquidium points for referring new users. For every new users who joins Liquidium with your referral link, you will get 10% of all their points earned.

Will I keep my v0.2 points?

v0.2 points will automatically be merged into your v0.3 accounts.

Snapshot was taken at 4/4/24 10 AM EST and another snapshot will be taken once every loan is expired on v0.2.

Will Liquidium issue a token?

Liquidium aims to evolve into a decentralized protocol, but this vision is adaptable to the changing regulatory landscape. Ensuring regulatory compliance is our priority, and we may revise our approach as necessary. Accordingly, whether Liquidium will issue a token and the dynamics of such token will depend on the future regulatory environment.

I have more Liquidium Points Program questions, who can I ask?

For further inquiries about the Liquidium Points Program, please open a ticket on our Discord server or email us at: support@liquidium.fi.

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