Common Issues

For further questions, please contact support in our Discord.

Please include your BTC & Ordinals addresses, a screenshot of the bug/error, and a link to the transaction in the mempool (if applicable).

Common Bug Fixing

Most issues can be resolved by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect your wallet.

  2. Hard refresh the page using Shift + CMD + R on Mac or Shift + CTRL + R on Windows.

  3. Reconnect your wallet.

If you still encounter the “Error Accepting Loan” issue, it is often caused by the lender having an insufficient BTC balance. Please try again later, as it may take up to 1 hour for “ghost offers” to disappear.

Transaction is stuck in mempool & the transaction fee is too low.

If you need to speed up a stuck transaction you can do a CPFP.

There are multiple ways to do a CPFP, here are a few examples:

  1. by Xverse (Secret Key Labs)


Manual: Go to your wallet and send all of your BTC to yourself. Set a high fee (ideally 3x the current recommended bitcoin transaction fee) for the transaction. This will create a CPFP transaction where the fee from your transaction is distributed to all of your pending transactions and will therefore accelerate all your pending transactions.

if you don't know what you're doing, we highly advise you against the manual CPFP method.

  1. Open Xverse.

  2. Copy your BTC address starting with 3*** (not the Ordinal address).

  3. Click “Send” in Xverse and select BTC.

  4. Type in highest amount possible (make sure to leave some for transaction fee). → it should say 'You're about to send money to yourself'.

  5. Click “Next”.

  6. Click “Confirm” to send the transaction and create the CPFP.

Can’t access the app, it says I’m blocked.

If you see something an error shown below, you likely reside in a sanctioned country. For legal reasons, Liquidium is currently not allowed to operate its platform in sanctioned countries.

"Error: Insufficient Balance"

- API rate limit: see "Error: Fetching Balances" - Lender doesn't have enough BTC to cover the loan amount

Action Item: Wait for 10-15 minutes (the best offer will be deleted), and borrow again - Borrower doesn' t have enough BTC to cover transaction fee

Action Item: Load up BTC to cover transaction fees

"Error: Fetching Balances"

This means you're encountering an API rate limit: Please try connecting to a different internet network and try again

Transaction status shows “Repaying” or “Claiming” even after confirmation

The oracle may take up to 24 hours to recognize a confirmed transaction from the mempool, affecting the “repaying” and “claiming” statuses on Liquidium.

Issues with claiming collateral

If you can't claim ordinals from the portfolio page, wait 1-2 hours in case the oracle hasn't processed it yet. If the issue continues, create a support ticket in Discord with the necessary details.

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