How To Lend

How can I lend Bitcoin and earn yield?

  1. Choose a Collection: Pick from collections on the Lend page.

  2. Set and Confirm Offer: Decide your lending amount. Your lending amount must beat the current best offer.

Only the best offer will be displayed to Borrowers.

  1. Pick your LTV: You can toggle between 0%-100%, with the suggested LTV automatically set.

  2. Wait for Acceptance: Once a borrower picks your offer, you'll get a notification on the app, as well as email or Telegram according to your settings.

  3. Approve the Loan: Go to your Portfolio page and confirm the loan under "Pending" and sign in your wallet. The loan will start once you sign the transaction and it is confirmed.

How do I cancel my offer?

  1. Navigate to Portfolio: Open your Portfolio page where all your active loan offers are listed.

  2. Find Your Offer: Look for the offer you wish to cancel under the section labeled "Loan Offers" or “Pending Signature.”

  3. Cancel the Offer: Click on the "X" button next to the offer.

  4. Confirm: Confirm the cancellation.

You can cancel your offer anytime before the loan starts. Once the loan is initiated, you can no longer cancel it.

What happens if the borrower doesn't repay?

If the borrower fails to repay, the loan defaults. You can then claim the collateral Ordinal, while the borrower keeps the borrowed Bitcoin.

You can claim the Ordinal used as collateral on the Portfolio page after the loan expires.

What is a rebuild?

If one or multiple UTXOs that were allocated for the loan were being spent before the loan started, the lender needs to rebuild the loan and the borrower must sign the transaction again. The lender should wait for the borrower to sign again. Once the borrower signs, the loan starts.

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