v0.3 Interface Updates

Light vs Dark Mode

On the top right corner, toggle between dark and light mode by clicking on these icons and choosing your mode of preference. "System" is the default lighting mode of your device.


You are now able to filter collections based off of "has offers", "no offers" and "for you". You can also sort by Collection (alphabetically), Offer, APY, Interest, Term, LTV, and Floor. You are also able to search for your desired collections and toggle on and off the volume column (total volume and volume on Liquidium).

Control Center/Notifications


You are now able to add a username to your Liquidium account. Instead of your wallet address, your username will now be shown on the leaderboard. You are also able to change your pfp.

You are still able to add your notification channels (email and Telegram), but you will now have the option to choose your notification preferences and unsubscribe at any time.

You are now able to earn Liquidium points for referring new users. For every new users who joins Liquidium with your referral link, you will get 10% of all their points earned.

Note: Addresses can only be invited once. Moreover, the addresses you are inviting shouldn't have been connected to Liquidium before to count as a referral.

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